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MRF Sorting Process
1. Delivery of materials: Materials are offloaded in rubb building. We are receiving up to 22 vehicles per day (approx. 150 tonne material per day) from Councils in the arc21 area. They deliver co-mingled materials to us, including paper, cardboard, cans and plastic bottles, which we then separate using the MRF. Delivery of materials
2. Transfer to MRF: Materials are transferred onto conveyer that moves them through sorting process. Transfer to MRF
3.  Pre-sort cabin: This is where materials are removed that may damage the MRF, such as plastic bags. Cardboard is also removed at this stage. Pre-sort cabin
4. Lubo screens: These screens separate the material due to their differing elevation, speed and star separation distance (paper and card are light and therefore move up screens, while other heavier materials drop down below). The 1st and 2nd screens remove the high quality paper from the mix, while the 3rd removes the lower grade paper. The 2 different grades of paper are then transported to the sorting cabin on separate conveyers. The plastics and cans fall through the screens on to a lower conveyer that moves along the plant. Lubo screens
5. Magnet: The steel cans are removed using a magnet, which runs across the top of the conveyer. Magnet
6. Eddy current: The aluminium cans are removed using an eddy current, which works on the opposite principle to a magnet and repels the aluminium down into a separate chute, and onto a small conveyer that transports them to a bunker. The plastics carry on into the main sorting cabin. Eddy current
7. Sorting cabin: There are four conveyors; two for high grade paper, one low grade paper and one for plastics. The staff remove any contaminants from the conveyers at this stage. An optical sort machine is used to remove any contamination from the plastic bottles. Sorting cabin
8. Bales: All materials are then baled before being sent on for recycling. Bales

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