What can be Recycled

Belfast City Council, in partnership with Bryson Recycling, provides a kerbside recycling service to make it easy for you to recycle from home.

  • Ensure all items are clean and dry, and don’t contain any food or drink residue. 
  • Save space by flattening cans, cartons, plastics and cardboard. 
  • Put shredded paper, textiles and batteries in separate bags.
  • Please sort materials between your kerbside boxes or sections of your Wheelie Box as described. 
  • We will leave any items we can’t recycle behind with a Sorry Card explaining why we can’t accept it. 


All plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays

Fizzy juice bottles
Water bottles
Milk bottles
Butter tubs
Fruit cartons
Yoghurt pots
Cold meat trays

Greetings cards 
Shredded paper
Office paper
Junk mail
Egg boxes

All glass bottles and jars

Baked bean tins
Pet food tins
Soup tins
Fizzy drinks cans 
Beer cans
Biscuit/sweet tins

Vegetables and peelings
Dairy products
Meat and bones
Teabags and coffee grounds
Left over food

Pure juice cartons
Milk cartons
Soup cartons
Chopped tomato cartons

Corrugated cardboard
Frozen and dry food boxes
Cardboard tubes
Brown paper

Deodorant cans
Hairspray cans
Air freshener cans