Bryson Recycling are trialling an innovative recycling app called Reward4Waste exclusively in Whitehead, in collaboration with CryptoCycle and Mid and East Antrim Borough Council that will allow you to earn rewards when you recycle.

The Reward4Waste trial was launched on 30th September 2020 and will last until 25th November 2020. Over 2000 households are included in the trial. 

Why are we running this trial?

New recycling laws will be introduced in the UK by 2023, which means that Northern Ireland will soon be using a Deposit Return Scheme for drinks containers. The aim is to increase recycling and reduce littering.

People will pay a deposit of up to 20p when they buy a drink in a single-use bottle or can and then get their deposit back when they recycle.

The option currently being considered by the government is to use Reverse Vending Machines. We want to find a solution that allows people to recycle using their existing kerbside recycling service and claim back their deposit

How do I take part in the trial?       

Download app: Search for Reward4Waste on the App Store or Google Play Store and follow the instructions.
Login: At login, you can see how many items you and your community have recycled.
Scan your recycling box (called the Return Point on the app): The app will ask you to scan the unique code on your recycling box first.
Scan items: Each participating bottle will have a unique code on it. Once you have finished your drink and are ready to recycle, scan the sticker on the recycling box and then the sticker on your drink packaging. Each code is unique, so items can’t be scanned more than once.
Deposit: Deposit your item in the return point/recycling box. Due to the unique code on each item, you cannot claim your Reward Points twice.
Get rewards: Reward4Waste will reward you for recycling with Reward Points that can be redeemed for SPAR Vouchers or donated to charity.

Drinks Containers

We have linked with SPAR on Edward Road, Whitehead, who have kindly offered their support. For this trial, only certain drinks bought from this SPAR will be part of the trial.
These include:

  • Plastic milk bottles
  • Plastic drinks bottles (soft drinks and water)
  • Drinks cans (soft drinks)
  • Wine (750ml glass bottles)

Items included in the trial will be clearly labelled with a sticker.

Rewards Points

  • One hundred points = £1
  • Milk bottles, glass bottles & cans: 10 Reward Points
  • Soft drinks in plastic bottles: 20 Reward Points

Reward Points can be reclaimed in 2 ways:

  • SPAR vouchers – can only be used in SPAR, Edward Road, Whitehead
  • Donate to charity – nominated charities are Hope House, Whitehead Primary School PTA and Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful.

You must collect 200 Reward Points to redeem your £2 SPAR voucher and/or 100 Reward Points to donate £1 to charity. Redeem and donate as many times as you like within the trial dates.

Don’t have a smartphone?

If you do not have a smartphone, you can use a sticker chart. If you run out of room, you can use an A4 page with your name, address, contact number and preferred option for your points - charity donation or £2 SPAR voucher

Litter Bins

4 new recycling bins located in Whitehead so you can recycle plastics and cans on the go

The bins will be located at:

  • SPAR, Edward Road, Whitehead 
  • Train station
  • Playing fields/play area at Castleview Road
  • Carpark at the start of the Blackhead Path

All these bins will be clearly labelled have a sticker attached which you should scan to identify the bin as your return point. Then simply scan your can or bottle and recycle to claim your reward.