Bryson Recycling provides an essential service in removing recyclable waste from households and we are committed to deliver this service is the safest way possible through this crisis.

All our collection crews are out as normal today. 

We will provide regular updates on any service disruptions here and via social media. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


To reduce the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus, we are reducing the direct handling of materials by staff. 

To achieve this we need to introduce temporary collection measures from Monday 6th April 2020. 

For those householders with kerbside boxes, we are asking that they only put these materials in each box:

Option 1: Paper and Cardboard.

Option 2: Plastics, Food and drinks cans, Foil, Cartons and Aerosols

Option 3: Glass bottle and jars

If you only have 1 or 2 boxes please rotate the materials you present each week. For example, the first week put out paper and cardboard in one box and plastics, food and drinks cans, foil, cartons and aerosols in the other box. The next week put out glass in one box and paper and cardboard in the other box depending on your household requirements.  

To view Frequently Asked Questions about the kerbside box service please click here. 

For householders with Wheelie Boxes, we ask that they sort their materials in the following way:

Box 1: Paper and Cardboard.

Box 2: Plastics, Food and drinks cans, Foil, Cartons and Aerosols

Box 3: Glass bottles and jars 

To view Frequently Asked Questions about the Wheelie Box service please click here. 

If materials are not sorted in this way containers will not be emptied. 

Sorry, but we can't collect batteries, textiles or hand tools at this time. 

Overflow bags will not be accepted.