What can be Recycled

Armagh City, Banbridge & Craigavon Borough Council, in partnership with Bryson Recycling, provides a kerbside recycling service that makes it easy for you to recycle from home.

We collect your recycling in kerbside boxes. In some areas we also collect food waste.  

Please separate your items for recycling as described.

For further details on what you can recycle click here.

For further details on what you can put in your food waste bin click here.

  • We are collecting textiles again. Please ensure they are clean and dry. Tie them in a bag and leave them out for collection beside your kerbside boxes.
  • It doesn’t matter what box you put your recyclables in as long as they are sorted properly.
  • If you only have 1 or 2 boxes please rotate the materials you present each week.
  • All items must be empty, clean, dry and loose.
  • Please flatten your cans, cartons, plastics and cardboard to save space in your boxes.
  • If you have extra recycling you can order an additional box. Alternatively, you can use overflow bags. Only put one type of material in each bag. Never put glass in overflow bags.