Recycle the Right Way

We believe in maximising the environmental and social outcomes from the delivery of waste management services.  We see waste as a resource and that in treating it as such, we have the opportunity to create a more resilient and sustainable society. 

Why we Recycle the Right Way:

  • It helps recyclables stay local - Clean, sorted recycling materials are more valuable and in demand by local reprocessors. When recyclables are mixed together, the material quality is lower due to contamination. These materials are less likely to be recycled locally.
  • It reduces our environmental impact – by keeping recycling materials separate at the point of collection, residents ensure less energy is needed to sort materials before they are sent for local recycling.  When materials are recycled locally we reduce our carbon footprint as there is less transportation required.
  • It supports local industry and jobs – by recycling locally we support local manufacturing companies who generate millions for our local economy. Well paid manufacturing jobs are also created.
  • Recycle the Right Way

    Waste is an environmental problem, but we consider it to be a resource that can be used to create opportunities to maximise social and environmental benefit.

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