Soft Plastic

Items accepted

  • Bread wrappers
  • Fruit/veg and salad wraps and bags
  • Kitchen/ toilet roll outer wrap
  • Breakfast cereal bags
  • Plastic shopping/carrier bags
  • Dried fruit/seed and nut bags
  • Frozen food bags
  • Pasta/rice/noodle bags
  • Cheese packs outer wrap
  • Baked goods/Confectionary outer wrappers
  • Cracker wrappers
  • Bubble wrap
  • Electrical item/white goods/appliances bags/wrap
  • Mattress / pillow wrap
  • Wet wipes outer wrap
  • Detergent/dishwasher bags
  • Garden compost / bark bags

Please note

  • Soft plastics brought to site must be clean and free of any food 
  • If you have your soft plastics in a bag please open and place them loose in the container provided.