Wales Recycling Centres

We operate two Recyling Recycling Centres in Conwy, Wales. A wide range of items are collected for recycling and we also accept garden and household waste.

Opening Hours


Monday - Saturday


April - October

9am - 5pm

9am - 4pm

November - March

9am - 4pm

9am - 4pm


Bank Holidays

Our sites will be closed on the following dates:

  • Christmas Day 
  • Boxing Day 
  • New Year's Day  

What Items are Accepted

At our Recycling Centres we have containers for different recyclable materials. To make your visit easier and quicker please sort your recycling materials at home. All items for recycling should be clean. Our staff will be happy to help you in any way they can. 

The following items can be recycled free of charge: 

Items Instructions
Clothing & textiles  No heavily soiled items, shoes should be bagged and paired
Paper & card No cellophone wrapping, e.g. on junk mail 
Mixed plastics  No heavily soiled items 
Garden waste  Leaves, cuttings/clippings, twigs and small branches only.                 No soil, rubble, pot plants, compost bags etc
Glass bottles & jars No broken glass
Tins, cans & aerosols All tins, cans and aerosols must be completely empty prior to disposal 
Electrical items   
Scrap metal   
Hard plastics   

The following items can be disposed of free of charge but have restrictions on the quantities: 

Items Restrictions 
General refuse  No more than 2 bags per fortnight. Site staff reserve the right to ask you to process your general waste in the Recycling Sorting Area
Animal waste  2 bin liners per fortnight. Only animal waste from the keeping of domestic pets will be accepted. Agricultural/farm waste is not allowed
Fluorescent light bulbs  5 per year 
Carpet  Equivalent to 6 rooms per year (with hallway, landing and stairs counting as one room)
Fuel containers Must be cut into a minimum of 2 pieces
Household  or garden chemicals  Only small bottles, which must be clearly labelled and well sealed. Industrial grade chemicals will not be accepted
Used engine oil or cooking oil  10 litres per year 

15 units per year 

A "unit" is 2.5 litres (or equivalent) 

Car batteries  2 per year 
Mattresses  Mattresses cannot currently be accepted at either Household Recycling Centre

The following items can be taken to our Household Recycling Centres, however you will need to pay to dispose of them from November 2017 onwards:

Items  Charges
Rubble £3.00 per bag
£30.00 per trailer
Includes items such as: breeze blocks; bricks; ceramics; concrete; tiles;   flagstones; gravel; slate; soil; sand; stones and tarmac
Plasterboard £4.00 per bag
£30.00 per trailer load

Plasterboard should be dry, and not contaminated with other materials 
Wood & timber £4.00 per bag
£30.00 per trailer load

DIY/Construction wood includes: fixtures/fittings; doors; kitchen/bathroom   cabinets; fence panels/posts; sheds; flooring and decking   
Asbestos £12.50 per bag

Bonded asbestos only. Asbestos must be double-bagged.

IMPORTANT - you must telephone the site in advance of bringing asbestos.
Call 01492 547927 for Mochdre
Call 01745 827 555 for Abergele
Tyres £4.00 per tyre

No commercial or agricultural tyres will be accepted on site

There is no charge for bicycle tyres   
Gas bottles Up to 10kg - £6.00 each
11kg-20kg - £11.00 each
21kg + - £35.00 each

Gas bottles must be completely empty before being taken to the Household Recycling Centre   
Plastic window frames £3.00 each
With or without glass. Single-pane windows only. Multiple-pane windows will be charged double
Plastic door or door frames £3.00 each
With or without glass. Single doors   or door-frames only. Double doors will be charged double.
Bath or shower tray £3.00 each
Single bath or shower tray only (plastic, fibre or composite)
Insulation material £3.00 per bag
Roofing felt £3.00 per bag
Plastic downpipe guttering/fascia £3.00 per bag

Customer Feedback

Bryson Recycling is committed to providing you with the best possible service. We value what our customers have to say and are happy to receive any suggestions or comments regarding how we can improve our services.