Blog - Anyone for Pringles?

I was delighted to see and hear the issue around packaging being raised in the media recently.  As someone who lives and breathes recycling, my colleagues and I get frustrated when we receive materials (such as the Pringles carton) that households have taken the time to recycle but only to find that due to the design it is not possible.  It was great to have the team from BBC Radio Ulster visit our site at Mallusk and find out what we do and how we deal with these issues.

We encourage the movement for better packaging design and believe that manufacturers need to consider what happens to packaging when it is no longer needed.  We welcome the spotlight on this area and hope that the recently launched New Plastics Economy Innovation Prize, which challenges groups and individuals to find new ways of designing packaging that will help keep plastics out of the oceans, will have a big effect on design and packaging going forward.

In Bryson we process over 60,000 tonnes of materials each year and have worked extremely hard to support the householder to make recycling easier as well as sourcing markets for the materials.  Recycling makes complete sense.  With better packaging design we could recycle even more.

Our message is simple please keep on recycling – it is an incredibility important activity – not only protecting our environment but also creating jobs, supporting social enterprise and the local economy.

To listen to the interview on BBC Radio Ulster please click here and go to (39 mins and 15 seconds)

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