Cash for Cans

Cash for cans is an aluminium can recycling scheme run by Bryson Recycling and is an ideal way to raise money.

It is a really simple and easy thing that can be done individually or in a group. All you have to do is:

  • Collect your cans – you’ll find them anywhere and everywhere
  • Sort your cans – use a magnet to check if they are aluminium or steel (aluminium is not magnetic)
  • Store your cans – we recommend crushing them
  • Recycle your cans – bring them along to our recycling centre at Central Park, Mallusk, or if you have 38 bags of more call us on 028 9084 8494. Please note: all deliveries should be made before 12pm. Cans will only be accepted loose (not baled).
  • Collect your money – we will pay for the cans you collect, current prices are listed below.

Today, more than 70% of drinks cans are made from aluminium. The majority of cans are clearly labelled with the ALU symbol, if you can’t see one look for the shiny base or use a magnet as aluminium isn’t magnetic.

We collect cans from

  • schools
  • businesses
  • community groups
  • youth groups
  • charities
  • individuals
  • other organisations

What are my cans worth?

Current price structure (effective from 1st August 2020)

 Delivered cans Collected cans *
Kilos Price per kilo Kilos  Price per kilo
0-199 49p 100-199 29p
 200+ 53p 200+ 33p

* Please note: minimum quantity collected is 100 kilos (38 bin bags).

It is important that your cans are clean and dry as we will have to deduct what we pay for excess steel, moisture or rubbish as it takes time for us to go though and sort them all. We are unable to return bags that cans are delivered in.