Focus on Quality

Kerbside Recycling

In Northern Ireland, recycling collections are either “kerbside sort” or “co-mingled”.

Kerbside sort – residents sort their recycling into different boxes or compartments of a Wheelie Box.

Co-mingled – residents put all their recycling into a single wheeled bin. The mixed material then goes to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) where it is separated back out into individual material types.

We operate both systems from our recycling facility in Mallusk. In both cases, recycling is sent to reprocessors who turn it into new products. The material quality determines whether these reprocessors are local or further afield.

Our preferred model of collection is Kerbside sort as it brings a wide variety of benefits.

Recycling Centres

We operate Recycling Centres in County Donegal and in North Wales.

Across all our Recycling Centres our key focus is to drive recycling rates as high as possible. We achieve this through our innovative approach to managing the sites and trialling new initiatives.

We operate a Choose to Reuse scheme across all our Recycling Centres, where we identify items that are too good to go to waste.