Collections Update

Updated 9/10/2023

Kerbside collections did not take place in some locations in the Belfast council area today.

Please leave your boxes and food waste bins out for collection and we will collect them as soon as possible. 

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this delay.

The following streets are affected:

Hillview Ave

Bloomfield Ave

Albertbridge Rd

Bately St

Beechwood St

Bloomdale St

Bloomfield Ct

Bloomfield Parade

Bloomfield St

Cheviot St

Chobham St

Crystal St

Elmdale St

Elmgrove Rd

Grampian Ave

Grampian Close

Grampian St

Irwin Ave

Ladurum Ct

Lena St

Lomond Ave

Lovatt St

Moorfield St

Moorgate St

Pomona Ave

Queen Victoria St

Ravenscroft St

Rosebury St

Ulsterdale St

Uniondale St

Upper newtownards Rd

Westcott St

Wynford St

Eastleigh Cres

Sandown Dr

Sinclair St

Hillview Ave

Springfield Rd

Beersbridge Rd

Bloomfield Ave

Cheviot Ave

Nevis Ave

Nevis Ave

Ravenscroft Ave

Sandown Rd