Christmas Collections

There will be no garden waste collections on Monday 25th December, Tuesday 26th December or Monday 1st January. The following collection schedule has been arranged. Please present your bin by 7am on the appropriate day.

Christmas Week

Normal Collection Date  Will be collected on 
Monday 25th December  Saturday 23rd December 
Tuesday 26th December Wednesday 27th December 
Wednesday 27th December  Thursday 28th December 
Thursday 28th December  Friday 29th December 
Friday 29th December  Saturday 30th December 

New Year Week

Normal Collection Date  Will be collected on 
Monday 1st January  Tuesday 2nd January 
Tuesday 2nd January  Wednesday 3rd January 
Wednesday 3rd January  Thursday 4th January 
Thursday 4th January  Friday 5th January
Thursday 4th January  Saturday 6th January 

Christmas Trees
As part of your garden waste subscription, we collect real Christmas trees throughout January. Trees will be collected along with other garden waste on your normal garden waste collection day. We kindly ask that all trees are cut into lengths no greater than one metre and placed into your brown bin in order for us to be able to collect them.