Frequently Asked Questions

My bin hasn’t been emptied. Why not?

If you have paid your annual subscription and have a payment sticker displayed on your bin and it has not been emptied, please report it here. A member of staff will then contact you regarding your collection. If you have not yet signed up for garden waste collections for the current annual subscription period, you can do this here.

Is this a one-off payment?  No, you will need to pay each year for your collection service. There will be a charge for each bin collected.

Why is the price of the service increasing in April 2024?

The cost of the garden waste collection service will increase this year by £5, from £35 to £40. This is due to inflation and the increased operating costs to provide the service. The increase will only apply to first bins ordered. The cost for additional bins will remain the same at £20 each.

Will the subscription fee reduce if I sign up later in the year? No, the fee will be the same no matter when you sign up.
Can I pay for a one-off collection? No, we are only offering an annual subscription. You can start your subscription at any time but you will pay for the full year.
Can I line my bin to keep it clean or put bags of garden waste in the bin? No, garden waste must be loose in the bin. Please do not place any bags in the bin.
Will extra garden waste be collected if left out beside the bin? No, only garden waste contained in bins will be collected.
What happens if I move to a new house during my subscription? If you move to another address in Conwy County, you can move your subscription with you if you let us know. If you move out of Conwy County, the subscription will stay with the property.
What if I need an assisted collection?

If you don’t have anyone to help you, you can ask for an assisted collection if you have difficulty moving your bin to the kerbside on collection day. Our assisted lift list is separate from the councils so please contact us on 01492 555898 if you require an assisted lift for your brown bin(s).  

I don’t have space for a garden waste bin Most households will have space for a garden waste bin, which is the easiest way to recycle. If your property isn’t suitable for a bin, please contact us on 01492 555898.
How can you tell I have paid for a service?

If you are renewing your subscription we will post you out a payment sticker for each of the bins you have paid a subscription for. Please attach the sticker to the bin when you receive it.  If you are a new customer, your new bin(s) will be delivered to you with the payment sticker attached.

What if my sticker does not arrive?

We will start posting out payment stickers from March 2024 onwards. Once subscribed, please continue to present your bins (or sacks) for collection, there is no need to contact us about stickers as your bin (or sack) will continue to be emptied as normal.

Why is my address on my sticker?

We added the subscribed premises address to the sticker to help reduce fraud, such as sticker theft. Only the address appears on the bin sticker and not the customer’s name. This ensures the identity of the customer is not disclosed.

Can I get a replacement sticker?

Replacement stickers can be ordered by contacting our office on 01492 555 898. There will be a charge of £3 for all replacement stickers issued.

Can I move my sticker after I have stuck it to my bin?

Do not attempt to move the sticker once it has been secured to the bin. 

What happens to the garden waste you collect? The garden waste we collect is used to make compost locally.
How can I check my collection day? Please click here to check your collection day.
How many bags are the bins equivalent to? Our bins are 240L, equivalent to 2 green bags.

I have a bin that I am not using anymore. How do I dispose of it?

You can bring unwanted bins to our Recycling Centre at Mochdre. You need to make an appointment in advance to visit our recycling centres. You can book your appointment here.

I would like another bin; do I have to pay for delivery? Bin deliveries are free on your first order, but there is a £20 delivery charge for any bins ordered at a later date.
What happens if my bin goes missing? First check with your neighbours to see if they have it. If your bin cannot be found then please contact us on 01492 555898 and we can arrange a replacement for a fee (dependant on circumstances).
Will my collections stop during the Winter months?

No, collections will continue on a fortnightly basis right throughout the year.